Cookbook_FolderI picked winner for the Cookbook Holder Giveaway. Michele M.

Congratulations. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Ratatouille Disaster

rattatouilleEver since I saw the movie Ratatouille, I wanted to make this. Sounds exotic, sophysticated, challenging. It just looked so good made by that rat in the movie. And ratatouille is vegan! what more reason do you need?

Japanese Cucumber Salad

This is the most simplest cucumber salad you can ever make and so yummy and addicting. Sometimes, simple is the best.

Cookbook Holder Giveaway


Of all the objects I own- it’s funny how important my cookbook holder is to me. How did I survive without it?

4 Cans Curry—Garbanzo beans, Yam and Coconut Curry

I would like to say I only use fresh Ingredients but that is not true- in fact far from it.

Summer Squash Pasta


I am not a very good gardener. At least not yet anyways. In my community garden, I swear everybody else has 5 times more Tomatoes, beans, etc. But one thing I have plenty of— squashes. So I did summer squash pasta! I have to sa I am constantly looking for recipes to use up my squashes. Please let me know if you have good squash using recipes.

Bean Sprouts Sesame


I think Bean sprouts in general are very underappreciated. Bean Spurts are economical, delicious, yet nutritious. I use Bean Sprouts to add crunchy yet refreshing texture to salad, sandwich, stir-fry, wraps and I love adding bean sprouts to fried rice. I buy a bag of bean Sprouts at Asian grocery store. They are usually fresher and cheaper.

Red Lentil Pilau

Red-Lentil_Pilau430This recipe was bit more complicated than my usual simple recipes. I never made my own spices before, and I enjoyed making Garam Masala myself. Oh…. The aroma. It filled our house and made it smelled like Indian Restaurant.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Tomato mozzarella SaladNothing like fresh garden tomatoes this time of the year. So refreshing, simple, and tasty.

Summer Squash Bisque

Summer_big430August has arrived. Finally there are some squashes from my garden are ready to harvest. Picking vegetables from your own garden is life’s simple but exquisite pleasure. The walk down to the garden with my dog is little bit more exciting now these days.